Label Science: What are Proprietary Blends?

Pharmanaut Labs Label Science Proprietary Blends

In the esports supplement market, many products use what the US Food and Drug Administration calls a “proprietary blend.” These blends are called things like “Energy Complex” or “Antioxidant Matrix,” followed by a list of impressive-sounding ingredients. The total weight of the blend per serving is indicated, but never the proportions of each ingredient. To make it even more confusing, some proprietary blends contain other proprietary blends. Blendception! 

Why do companies use proprietary blends? 

  • As a marketing tactic by using trendy names or ingredients. 
  • To hide an ineffective mix of ingredients, perhaps to protect it from competitors.
  • To increase the perceived value of the product even though the product contains a larger portion of cheaper ingredients.

What does this mean for you? 

  • Proprietary blends make it impossible to know how much of a given ingredient you’re getting, so you can’t check with your doctor about dosages.
  • Allergic reactions are much harder to figure out. 
  • The company can change its formula without disclosing what it changed and when, reducing or eliminating its effectiveness.
  • Most importantly, you could be wasting your money on fillers instead of properly dosed and active ingredients. 

Pharmanaut Labs Uses Full Disclosure Labeling

We don’t hide behind proprietary blends. We disclose the specific ingredients and quantities in each of our products. That’s the only way to build trust in today’s marketplace. If a product is truly effective, there shouldn’t be anything to hide.