Level Up Your Gaming With Nootropics

Leveling up with nootropics

With tournament purse sizes increasing, competition in esports will just get tougher. Everyone is looking for an edge. Improving your cognitive function can enhance your competitive gaming performance. Your cognitive performance is the driver that will ultimately determine your gaming success. 

Focus and Attention

Today's fast-paced competitive games need focus. If your focus slips, your opponent has the edge. Choline is a key factor in achieving and maintaining focus and achieving flow state. Supplementing with choline can give you back your edge. 


Gamers love energy drinks, but these often have sugars that can make you sluggish or crash - often at the worst time. The sugar-free combination of caffeine and L-theanine is a well-known cocktail to stimulate the brain while preventing jitters and crash. 

Strategic Thinking

As games get more complex, strategic thinking is the separator between winning and losing. Nootropics like Pharmanaut Focus help with cognitive functions that support strategic thinking, like memory, learning and executive functions. 

Stress Management

Competitive gaming creates stress that can push you out of your flow state. Some nootropics, like Pharmanaut Focus, contain ingredients that can improve how the brain deals with stress to ensure a clear head in the most chaotic competitive scenarios. 

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